E We had the chance to visit the elderly care home Bruggwiesen in Zurich, where the mental commitment robot PARO is being used as part of the therapy. There we have learned about different therapeutic and interactive programs for the residents. PARO has an additional function to the other programs they offer. She explained that one of the biggest benefits of interacting with robots is their loyalty and the fact that they will never stop interacting, unless we’d want to. The robot Paro has strongly influenced our research which continued to dive into the topics of life and death and the ephemeral body versus immortal technologies. The research paper robosteatics* by Bamna explores the design of several robots, including PARO and the interactions that are caused by it. 

DE Im Alters-und Pflegezentrum Bruggwiesen in Zürich, hatten wir die Gelegenheit mit dem Roboter PARO zu interagieren und ein aufschlussreiches Interview mit Frau Lüscher, der Geschäftsleiterin, zu führen. Sie erklärte uns die verschiedenen Therapie-und Interaktionsmöglichkeiter der Bewohner/innen und die Vorteile der Robotertherapie als ergänzendes Angebot. 

*Research papers are shared upon request. Feel free to contact us via email.